Damage sustained by the Water Authority of Fiji’s infrastructure from the two recent Tropical Cyclones, TC Keni and TC Josie has been estimated at $3.5 million, according to WAF Chief Operating Officer Samanmal Ekanayake.

Water carting by WAF late into the night at Naimasi, Lautoka for affected residents.

Mr Ekanayake says despite this, “WAF remains committed to getting all damaged water systems back in full operation and we also ask members of the public who require water carting, to please contact us on 5777.”

This comes as water supply in Rakiraki, Tavua, Nadi, Sigatoka and Labasa are almost back to normal as the WAF addresses the causes of major disruptions. Water supply in Lautoka and Ba now stand at 85%, as WAF officials continue to work tirelessly around the clock to restore damaged infrastructure caused by major flooding last week.

In Rakiraki, Tavua and Sigatoka, the pumping systems those had been put out of operation due to flood waters have since been restored.

Labasa’s reticulation system is now near full capacity after WAF engineers repaired two burst raw water mains running under the Dogoru River by anchoring them to the river bed with cement bases.

Lautoka’s Buabua reservoir which sustained pipeline damage to its intakes and restricting the full resumption of water delivery, is now expected to return to normal soon.

In the hardest hit Ba, the pumps in Nadrau and Varaciva Pumping Stations those had been put out of operation by flood waters have also resumed operations. The restoration works of the parts of pipelines in the three gravity systems fed from Waiwai, Varaciva and Balevuto those have been washed away during flooding are now in progress. A temporary pumping intake at Waiwai has been already established to meet the water demand until the restoration works in gravity systems are completed.

Meanwhile, work on rehabilitating access roads to the Vaturu Dam as a result of major landslides which washed away retaining walls and also creating sinkholes, continues by WAF.

Further, permanent repairs for the damaged crossings, scoured road shoulders and exposed pipelines are also being carried out while repair materials are being delivered to the site.

Source: WAF