Youths Taking an Interest in the Role of the Media

“One cannot begin to stress the importance of youths needing to rise up and become the leaders that they were born to be” These were the words reiterated by Ignite4Change President and Youth Advocate, Broderick Mervyn.

Broderick Mervyn leading discussions


He also added that in this important moment in the build up towards the 2018 Fijian General Elections, youths make up the biggest number in Fiji’s population and as active citizens, we play a part in shaping the media industry by choosing to believe in any type of information or to believe in information that is backed by evidence.






Broderick Mervyn, Torika Dokoni and Apisalome Kava were the respected youths for Ignite4Change that were in attendance at the Media Training for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) organized by the Fiji Media Watch Group on April 23, 2018 at Tanoa Plaza Hotel, Suva. The media training allowed participants to explore how to work with the media industry, to use the various forms of media for delivering messages to target groups and the significant role of the media in a democratic consolidation.

Torika Dokoni jotting down notes during the workshop

Apisalome Kava had acknowledged the organisers of the Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) Media Training for allowing members of this youth organisation to be part of the workshop and added that these workshops are crucial because the media becomes a very powerful tool that people use to get their message across.

The workshop was a platform where members of the media, civil society organisations and youth organisations are given that platform to voice out their concerns.