Natadradave Village benefits from $212k water project

The newly constructed water dam at Natadradave Village

One hundred and sixty-eight villagers of Natadradave Village in Dawasamu, Tailevu, now have access to piped drinking water after the completion of their Rural Water Project.

The $212,765 water project included the construction of a new dam, the installation of a three-inch strainer and a three-inch outlet valve, the laying of a three-inch diameter water main from th

Laying of new water mains and installation of air valves

e dam to the reservoir, the laying of a two-inch diameter main from the reservoir to the village, and the construction of a 10,000 gallon ferro-cement water tank.


Skilled WAF workmen constructed new standpipes and showers, as well as upgrading and repairing those already existing in the village.

WAF crew members also installed washouts and air valves.

The completed water project has improved conditions for the villagers, as over the years, they have been drinking water from a system that has had an intermittent supply of water.

Construction of concrete slabs for stand-pipes and showers

The villagers, at times travelled to Vorovoro Village, approximately one kilometer away to fetch water.

WAF Chief Operating Officer, Mr Samanmal Ekanayake, said that the people of Natadradave had assisted the WAF crew members in undertaking the project.

“This empowers the Water Committee to be responsible for ongoing maintenance and repairs, thus ensuring the longevity and sustainability of their village water supply system. For this project, the village water committee received $2,952.96 as payment for the village assistance provided,” said Mr Ekanayake.

Mr Ekanayake said the villagers now enjoy a consistent supply of water that should withstand dry seasons, and an improved, water system performance.

During the construction of the 10,000 gallon reservoir

Mr Ekanayake said WAF would continue to implement works that ensure Fijians have access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation.

The newly constructed 10,000 gallon reservoir