Six Fulton Hogan Hiways (FHH) employees are now equipped with the skills and knowledge required to safely use a diamond-edged concrete saw, following the Concrete Saw and Chainsaw Workshop conducted by one of New Zealand’s top road industry trainers, Mr Eddie Mee.

FHH Safety, Quality, Training and Environmental Manager, Mr John Tinsley, said, “The training Mr Mee is providing is part of the FHH training programme that encompasses safety, environmental awareness, job skills training, technical training and personal development for all FHH employees

“Here at Fulton Hogan Hiways, we appreciate having access Eddie Mee and his vast wealth of knowledge and experience. He brings more than 45 years of practical roadwork experience as well as some 13 years as a trainer to this role.”

Specialist Trainer, Mr Mee, said that at the workshop, held at FHH Samabula Depot on Friday 8th June, the participants learnt the correct way to use a concrete saw and chain saws, the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to wear while using these saws, and just as importantly, how to maintain the equipment.

“The hand-held concrete saw is “a more efficient way of cutting through solid materials,” and is capable of cutting through a range of solid materials, including concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, and steel.

”What used to take workers as much as two hours to cut through concrete with pick axes and crowbars, could now be done in as little as ten minutes with the saw. This will help productivity and save a lot of time,” said Mr Mee,

Mr Mee, who has returned from his recent retirement especially to conduct this programme of capacity building workshops for FHH employees in the Central/Eastern and Northern depots, is in Fiji until August.

Before his retirement, Mr Mee was employed at Fulton Hogan New Zealand. He is no stranger to Fiji or the Pacific, having been involved in airport overlay and extension work, at Nadi in 1983 and at various airports around the region.

He was involved with the induction training of the Fulton Hogan Hiways employees in December 2012, prior to the start-up of the Joint Venture of the two companies in 2013. Since then, he has returned to Fiji at least twice a year to assist with special sealing projects and knowledge transfer for FHH staff.

“We appreciate Eddie coming out of retirement to assist with our training programme,” said Mr Tinsley.

Source: Fulton Hogan