Disabled Children Receive Timely Boost

The Nadi Special School received a timely boost to its continued work in assisting the disabled children of Nadi.
The Calvary Indian Assembly of God Church from Auckland stepped up with its pastoral work with a gift to the school on July 11 this year which included a projector screen, stationary, provision of lunch for the 168 students and moral uplifting.
The school was established 1987 and Head Teacher Praveen Reena Devi said the church has also identified other needs for the school.
These include urinals and water taps for children in wheelchairs.
The church’s pastor, Andrew Pratap, believes that they kids were a part of Gods creativity and though they were physically disabled they were not disable by spirit.
The church, based in Otahuhu, has been visiting Fiji for the last 8 years.
Their visit also included the Saint Christopher’s Home and is the first (Fiji) Indian church in New Zealand to have its own building.
The Church’s inaugural crusade was held at Navakai in Nadi and also held at Naikabula in Lautoka.
Since then they have been visiting every year and this includes visiting Labasa, RakiRaki and Ba.
Pastor Pratap said they started off with five people sitting at a house but now they have over 450 members.
Pastor Pratap said he has a vision in that he wants to share the preaching and the great works of Christ.