A 22 year old mariner is believed to be the country’s latest drowning fatality.

The victim was a crew member of a Government vessel which was berthed at Galoa Bay in Bua. The incident is alleged to have occurred yesterday morning when the victim had allegedly jumped off the ship for a swim after a drinking party.

A few minutes later some of the crew members noticed the victim waving for help from roughly 50 metres from the ship and while they managed to get him on board attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

He was rushed to the Lekutu Health Centre where he was pronounced dead on arrival.  A post mortem will be conducted soon.

The drowning death toll stands at 20 compared to 19 for the same period last year.

As investigations continue into this latest incident we are pleading with members of the public not to partake in water activities if under the influence of alcohol.

These two are a dangerous mix and can seriously affect one’s judgment and ability to swim or control themselves while indulging in any water related activities.

We do anticipate a lot of merry making as people make use of this long weekend however let’s not lose track of the importance of keeping track of your safety and that of your loved ones.








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