Police Updates


Vunidawa alleged suicide

An investigation is underway following an alleged suicide involving a 14 year old student.

The incident was reported to the Vunidawa Police station yesterday at around 12.30pm. The deceased was found by his 22 year old sister following the Sunday morning church service.

Investigations continue.

This is another unfortunate case concerning the Fiji Police as our children are becoming victims. The fact that our children are having suicidal thoughts is something we should all be finding a solution for. This is why we will continue to emphasize the importance of spending quality time with your children and understand that they will deal with issues differently.


Six reports of assault occasioning actual bodily harm were received in the last 24 hours from throughout the divisions.

Once again the incidents were as a result of arguments over matters that should have been easily resolved without resorting to violence. In one such incident a fight erupted between two women over a refrigerator while in another incident two farmers argued over how water was being distributed on their farms.

From the above cases and others similar, a worrying trend of people resorting to violence to resolve their issues has been noted.

When you consider how trivial the matter is compared to the consequences as per the law, it is always advisable to try and solve issues in an amicable manner so as to also avoid legal action.

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