Caption: Seated from left, Mrs. Minakshi Maharaj- FNU, Mrs. Dropati- FNU, Dr. (Mrs) Pramila Devi-  Chief Guest -Campus Director ,University of South Pacific Lautoka Campus, Dr. (Mrs) Ajantha Perera- for Organizing Committee, FNU.


All over the world the women are considered as of value to be seen, but not to be heard. The woman who speaks loud and clear is considered either to be a rebel or an outcast. Yet women do speak, they do work, they stand side by side with men to help run this world.

The greatest blessing a woman receives is her ability to be a mother. The womb of a woman brings forth children, who become doctors, engineers, sportsmen and women, politicians, philosophers. It is in a women’s womb that all human beings including the best personalities in the world are created. A mother not just brings forth her child, but nurtures him or her in the correct way they should walk, learn and live.

Living in Fiji for the past few months, and having lived in England, Germany, India and Sri Lanka I learnt of one thing that women who have the same abilities, qualifications, and wisdom as men has to compete with them to get a job position or a promotion, at most times to face defeat. Why societies reject women may also lie in the fact some women have neglected their duties.

Women’s first priority is home, with her husband and her children. A career woman has a hard task to maintain a happy home, and at the same time do well in her career. Even though it is hard to balance it well, there are many good mothers who are pursuing their career well. Some of course find this hard, and I was one of them. I cannot really say that I am a successful woman in terms of my career. But I am proud that I have managed to raise two beautiful children, who are of value to this world. My advice to the women like me who could not advance speedily in our careers as others, is to be happy that we have tried our level best.

Beauty of a woman is a huge advantage, and it should be used to beautify this world, but never to destroy it. The beauty of a mother is like a fragrance of a bunch of flowers. It should make the husband and the children adore her. Any woman who uses her beauty to gain undeserved advantages is a destructive force in any society.

A woman who has wisdom is truly a blessing for any home, a work place and for the nation. If there is one thing that women should seek after that is Wisdom. It is wisdom that guides a girl child, a young woman, a mother, a career woman and a grandmother to live a happy successful life. So in this world where male dominancy is obvious, the woman needs to be filled with wisdom. She needs to care for her husband, her children, her work place, and for the nation. When we succeed let us laugh and be happy, but when we fail then too let us be joyful, learn from our mistakes, and attempt again. That is the true beauty of a wise woman, who is needed all over the world.

(Dr. (Mrs) Ajantha Perera is an Assistant Professor- Fiji National University)

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