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How to Raise Capital in the New Economy

cheap moncler outlet It always a daunting process that can be full of pitfalls and require a tremendous amount of work but it can be done! Here are some perspectives on how to raise capital gleaned from years of experience. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet Rules for Raising Capital moncler outlet

cheap moncler coats The most important rules for raising capital to consider are: cheap moncler coats

Rule number one it never easy to raise capital when you need to!

monlcer down jackets Meaning, investors are inherently risk averse, can be very picky (a real understatement!) moncler sale and they are looking for the best deal with the greatest upside and minimal risk. monlcer down jackets

moncler outlet online Rule number two don raise capital! moncler outlet online

cheap moncler sale Self fund your company (called bootstrapping in entrepreneur speak) by finding customers that will purchase your products and services. This enables you to involve your most important business asset in your business from moncler outlet sale day one customers! cheap moncler sale

moncler outlet sale Rule number moncler jackets outlet three use the (family Cheap Moncler Jackets and friends) or methods (Visa Mastercard). moncler outlet sale

Raise seed (early stage) money from your friends and familyand/or if you are really committed, pull some cash from a Visa or MasterCard. These methods can and do work for many entrepreneurs be aware it can be very painful on the back end if your company does moncler factory outlet not make it!

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buy moncler jackets Angel cheap moncler investors can add so much to your company they can bring capital to the business. Not only do they invest capital but will very often take an interest in helping you grow the company by taking a Board of Directors seat and/or temporarily assuming a senior management role. buy moncler jackets

moncler mens jackets In my experience finding and recruiting a blue chip management team moncler jacket sale with advanced cheap moncler jackets degrees and a strong corporate pedigree can sometimes kill a cheap moncler outlet startup as quickly as no cash or revenue moncler outlet online yes, they look great in your business plan and venture capitalists love a team. But, you cheap moncler coats need by the seat of their pants manager/leaders who don need to grind five sets of scenarios (analysis paralysis) before they can take moncler outlet action hire entrepreneurial types who excelled in small companies. moncler mens jackets

moncler sale How to Deal with Venture Capitalists moncler sale

moncler outlet store Dealing with venture capitalists, can be a significant challenge that cheap moncler jackets sale is fraught with risk and no upside! Remember, they are highly skilled at the entire process, in most cases they done it hundreds of times before. So, your on their turf when you step into this arena and you better do your homework properly (market size, revenue projections, cost of sales, marketing plan) and/or consult with a consultant, attorney or investor who has been through the process before to give you guidance. moncler outlet store

moncler sale outlet Round two in dealing with venture capitalists (assuming you are one of the 1% that submitted a business plan and/or were referred to them by another approved entity) can also be fraught with risk. Know how to value your company (equity for capital), look at comparable deals in the marketplace and be prepared to negotiate hard and to give up more now than in the last 2 4 years. moncler sale outlet

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Round three in dealing with venture capitalists or corporate investors. Don (never!) be so desperate for capital that you agree to turn over the reins of the company moncler outlet jackets if you don meet specific performance milestones based on a first or second round of funding. There are too many variables in the marketplace for you too control and you taking too much risk for not enough upside. If this is the only way you can raise money from this venture firm or corporate investor then walk away, in the end you will be better off. technology, market analysis, marketing/business development, competitive analysis, management team and a five year set of (detailed by month from startup to year three) financials.

The Executive Summary moncler outlet store (first 3 5 pages) is the most important, as it is a summary of the entire plan and most investors read this carefully and scan the rest of the business plan.

cheap moncler Don get caught in the trap of endless rewrites based on investor feedback put your plan through one or two reviews by your BOD members and or seasoned execs that will give you honest feedback. Once the plan has been reviewed and approved then go to market with this iteration and stick to it investors should be investing in you ultimately, not an artificial business plan that more often than not is out of date by the time you get to market. cheap moncler

cheap moncler jackets Think about how you are going to market your company as you would any other product or service, blending traditional (public relations, direct mail) with interactive processes (web site, social, e mail, etc.). It a numbers game, you have to aggressively market your company and be prepared to see a return of only 1 3% versus your output 1K in direct or opt in email may only lead to 10 20 casual inquiries, generating 5 7 serious conversations, resulting in 1 3 term sheets (what we will invest for equity) discussions. cheap moncler jackets

Finally, the last and most important rule of all is be tenacious, there is no substitute for absolute commitment to growing your company by raising capital or bootstrapping it! Your vision, guts and passion will very often carry the day when/where others may give up.

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