Abaca Village has new water system

Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) Rural Team West workers doing ground work for Abaca villagers.Photo:Water Authority of Fiji 

The 24 households of Abaca Village, Vuda District, Ba Province, have had their rural water supply upgraded by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) Rural Team West.

Abaca is 25 kilometres inland, or a 30minute drive, from Lautoka, the Sugar City.

Chairman of the Abaca Village Water Committee, Mr Pauliasi Kubu (55), said, “There there has been a vast improvement in the supply of water to every family; the supply has dramatically changed.”

Mr Kubu said that the new system included the construction of a new dam and a 45,460 litre ferrocement tank or reservoir.

“The tank will store enough water for all of us now and also for those of us who are going to build their houses later,” he said.

According to Mr Kubu, the old dam leaked and failed to deliver an adequate, consistent supply of water to the village, because of the elevation of the houses combined with an increased demand over the years.

The previous system was constructed sometime in the 1960’s. It had developed leaks and the Ministry of Health had advised that an upgrade was necessary to protect the health of the villagers.

“We are so thankful and greatly appreciate that supply has improved in our village,” said Mr Kubu.

The $80, 759.00 project took three months to complete and also included laying 1.6kilometres of pipe and the installation of 22 service pipes in the village.