9TH JUNE 2018, KOROIVULO PARK  NADI    PH: 9729517

One of the most trustworthy and loving pets that you can bring home are dogs. This is because over the centuries, they have proved to be just this, earning them the title ‘‘man’s best friend’’. In most homes and elsewhere, dogs are loved and usually treated well however, there are also many instance of dog abuse that is the appalling reality of our times, fortunately there few dog shelters and rescue groups as well as other humane organisations which are fully committed to the treatment and welfare of abused dogs.

(PASH) Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital is the newest most awaited animal shelter that would proudly cater for all sick and abused dogs. People need to help support this dog awareness event to help us minimise the number of stray dogs being beaten to death, poisoned, and crushed by vehicles. People could help the country coming up to a standard when it comes to dogs by spaying and neutering their pets or even help those strays find a good loving home.

People don’t understand that dogs are living too, and we all need to come together and stop dog abuse. One by one we can all change our ways for the better. Dog abuse is cruel and unacceptable, and it needs to stop. Spread the word, come support this charity and awareness programme. Register your fur babies now and let’s show the world that not all around us are dog abusers. We really do have heroes amongst us. Let become the voice of the voiceless, together we all can make a change.