Villagers Urged To Properly Maintain Drains

Villagers of Naisogovau, Tailevu, have been urged by the Minister for Waterways, Mahendra Reddy, to look after village drains and to assist in its proper maintenance.

This issue was highlighted by Minister Reddy on Monday night during a talanoa session at Naisogovau Village, Dravo.

Mr Reddy said that villagers should refrain from littering and disposing rubbish in the drains.

“We need to look after our waterways. Please avoid the disposing of rubbish and throwing plastic bags in the drains as this will eventually get clogged up and lead to flooding,” he said.

“Villagers should avoid planting rootcrops near the drains because this creates a barrier for water to flow freely.”

Mr Reddy told those present at the talanoa session of recent reports of villages interfering with drainage work carried out by contractors.

“I would like to request that you support us in the work that we carrying out in the area. Do not interfere with officials from the ministry and contractors that are carrying out work here,” he said.

“If there is additional work that is not within the scope of work that the contractor needs to do then my ministry must be informed first.”

The Ministry of Waterways has so far carried out more than 15 kilometres of drainage works in the Mokani district.