Kids Link Fiji Marks 25 Year Anniversary of Fiji’s Ratification of the UNCRC

Fiji has taken progressive steps in meeting its obligations under the
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Government ratified the
UNCRC in 1993. Children in Fiji are fortunate to have legislation that upholds Children’s
Rights. These were the sentiments of the President of Kids Link Fiji-a child lead initiative
of Save the Children Fiji, Ms. Abigail Aguilar.
Ms Aguilar said that children in Fiji are so fortunate that Fiji is amongst the 150 countries
who have ratified this convention and today marks the 25th anniversary since Fiji ratified
the UNCRC in 1993.
There has been a lot of changes since ratification in 1993.There are more children
accessing education and health services, legislation better protects children from abuse,
neglect and exploitation and there are services available specifically for us, like the Child
Helpline. We have also noted that there is huge commitment and initiative undertaken by
Government and relevant stakeholders in ensuring that the CRC Principles are met and
the protection and best interest of the child is a paramount priority.
Reigning Ms. Hibiscus Teen Contestant, Ms. Roselyn Sidal, said “even though Fiji ratified
the UNCRC, we children are still going through some challenges in excising our rights.
We live in a patriarchy society and it is really hard to convince our elders to listen to our
voices. Article 12 of the UNCRC states that every child has the right to an opinion and to
be taken into consideration, however this is a continuous challenge but we will keep
advocating for our inclusion in decision making processes”.
We encourage children to exercise the responsibilities that come with their rights, the duo
said. We also call on parents and guardians, Government and relevant stakeholders to
help and support us in attaining all this rights that we are entitled to.