The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is responsible for provision, installation and maintenance of speed
control measures and all associated signage on public roads.
FRA Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moore says the Land Transport Authority (LTA)
determines, imposes and enforces speed limits only through speed cameras on public roads and
the FRA installs speed humps in areas where speeding could be a concern.
He said the FRA gives priority to installing speed humps outside schools, civic centers and on the
entryway to villages on major highways.
“There is a detailed program of future works to ensure that this is rolled out across Fiji. FRA is
currently working on installing speed humps at appropriate sites but this is dependent on
resources and site investigation to determine matters such as daily traffic volume on a particular
road where speed humps are required, the frequency of speeding incidents along that road, the
risk to road users in the absence of speed humps, existing pedestrian facilities and the percentage
of vehicles exceeding the speed limit on a daily basis.”
Mr Moore said the public need to bear in mind that speeding and poor driver behavior is first
and foremost an enforcement issue, which are being addressed by the police and the LTA.
“Speed humps are not the instant cure for all traffic issues. In most cases other (low cost)
infrastructure measures such as signs and line marking are the most appropriate and most
effective treatments and installation of infrastructure such as speed humps is a last resort when
all other measures have failed,” he added.