Access to quality sexual, reproductive health and family planning is essential to improving an individual’s health – Akbar

Access to quality sexual and reproductive health, particularly family planning, is essential to improving an individual’s health, education and economic well-being, particularly for women and girls.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar while speaking at the opening of the Pacific Society for Reproductive Health Symposium at GPH last night.

Akbar says that reproductive Health Services is an important component of all maternal health services and public health services for the Health Ministry adding that the Health Ministry allocates funding of $200,000 each year for maternal and reproductive health capacity building programs for the staff.

She says adding that reproductive health is a major component of care since it is interlinked with many health indicators.

Akbar says that the two day workshop will be focused on family planning, research, professional development, palliative care, colposcopy, and Pacific Emergency Maternal and Neonatal Training.

The Health Minister has also stressed that due to the challenges of geography, lack or resources, and changes in weather pattern, amongst many other challenges in Fiji and in many other Pacific island countries, these workshops add value to the workforce who usually practice in remote and isolated acute care and community settings.