Diabetes and its complications contribute to increase in Poverty

Caption: FRIEND SMILE Nurse Rohin Latchmi pins a blue ribbon on a Ra  villager.

17 October – International Day for Eradication of Poverty

FRIEND is concerned that around 700 families  are at  risk of falling into poverty each year  burdened with disability  due to diabetic amputations.

According to Fiji Diabetes Symposium held in June 2012 “1 Diabetic Lower Limb amputation is conducted every 12 hours”, that translated into around 700 lower limb amputations.

This figure does not take into account diabetes related renal complications, heart diseases, blood vessel diseases and strokes that have pushed Fiji into NCD crisis.  Diabetes related eye diseases also pose major threat of disability through blindness.

FRIEND Associate Director Dr Jone Hawea says this is a grave situation that can be turned around with increased awareness and holistic approach to health in addition to eating and exercising well.

Dr Hawea believes the solution lies in empowering communities through consultations to develop their own solutions.

FRIEND has launched a month long Diabetes Awareness Campaign 2013 as it prepares to mark the World Diabetes Day on 14 November, 2013.

The launch was initiated with the pinning of the ribbon on Deputy Director General EuropeAid Marcus Cornaro who visited FRIEND on the occasion of World Food Day on 16th October.

“Food and food habits are closely linked with diabetes and the  “Wear Blue” campaign will focus on this these.  We are asking our friends and supporters to wear a blue ribbon to spread the message about this silent killer, says Dr Hawea.

“Diabetes is a  serious disease that is crippling our nation and can deepen the chasm of poverty if not checked.”

FRIEND is running it’s WEAR BLUE Diabetes Campaign for the second year.


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