Fan Club to boost Nadi Soccer

Caption: The Shop N Save and Vodafone sponsored Nadi team during the OFC Champions League. Photo: ANUSHIL KUMAR.


The Nadi Football Association has taken yet another greater step after officially forming its own Fan Club on March 18, 2014, consisting of die-hard green supporters.

With informal discussions among fans and Nadi official, Vice President and Team Director Javed Ahmed, the idea of forming the club arose as the fans would like to give a pay-back to the hardworking players, contribute towards their welfare, support financially and help the Association in any way possible.

President Moveen Ali said the Fan Club aims to get the team to the greater heights with the support from all true Nadi fans locally and abroad.

“These players have been and are sacrificing so much for the district and hence all of us true Nadi Fans must join hands together and come forward to assist this worthy course and contribute towards the Fan Club,” Moveen stressed.

“We believe this is the biggest year in the history of Nadi Football with eight major commitments namely the Skipper Tune National League, Vodafone Fiji Fact, Ink Mobile Battle of the Giants, Courts IDC, the Pacific Cup, the Local league to play for and having the CVC and OFC Champions league completed.”

“We all believe that this team can achieve wonders this year with young players also being developed for the future by our ever-ready coach Kamal Swamy.”

“At this juncture, I would like to thank the Team Director Javed Ahmed and Nadi FA President, Navneeda Gounder, for his encouragement and support for the Fan Club and also all the Executives and Officials who have come forward in support of the Fan Club and urged the local Business Houses to join hands with the Club and contribute toward the success of the Nadi Football.” Moveen concluded.

The Nadi Football Fan Club have their own Facebook page as Nadi football Fan Club and anyone wishing to contact the Fan Club can send an email  to or contact via mobile on 8629888.

After a historic and milestone achievement, the boys in green are giving their best during preparations and have their hopes high to defend Fiji Footballs first major tournament, Vodafone Fiji Fact.


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