Fire Warden training

Caption: NFA CEO John O’Connor with the Ministry of Education staff and teachers after the completion of the Fire Warden Training at the Ministry of Education Head Quarter’s in Suva.


The National Fire Authority (NFA) completed the fire safety training for the Ministry of Education staff at the Marella House in Suva yesterday.

Twenty Ministry of Education staff and school teachers based at the Ministry of Education Headquarters in Suva along with school teachers from the schools in the Central/Eastern Division attended the Fire Warden Training yesterday.

NFA CEO John O’Connor said the fire warden training will assist Ministry of Education in their fire risk and ensure the safety of staff and visitors.

“This Course is designed to provide appointed Fire Wardens within the organization with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare for and respond to emergency situations and we are really thankful that the Ministry has considered this training as important in ensuring the safety of the employees and of visitors to their workplaces.

“Ministry of Educations Fire Wardens have now been trained to be able to safely evacuate employees and visitors out of the building in case of a fire.

“NFA’s fire safety trainings are structured to assist employees understand the theories into fires and firefighting strategies and there is also a practical component to allow the participants to put into practice what they have learned.

“It is good to see that there were number of primary and secondary school teachers who were part of this important fire safety training as the lesson and procedures which they have learnt can be shared with their teachers and students at their respective schools.

The training is timely especially after the fire at the Sigatoka Methodist Primary School.

“We thank the Ministry of Education for recognizing that a fire is one of its top organization risk and for facilitating this training,” The NFA CEO said.

Mr O’Connor reminded the participants before handling over their certificates that they need to change their attitude towards fires and fire safety since it can be one of the most devastating disaster, we can face.

He urged the participants to discuss fire safety and also practice what they have learned in their homes with their families.

“Other organizations and businesses can contact the Commercial Training Department at NFA Suva to arrange for fire safety training sessions”, Mr O’Connor added.


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