The use of information combined with modern technology is critical to optimizing the use of land and resources for development says the Ministry of Sugar Industry.


The comments were made by the Ministry’s acting permanent secretary Parmesh Chand at the day – long forum on Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing (GIS/RS) User Interface Forum at the First Landing resort in Vuda, Lautoka today.


Mr Chand says modern technology provides opportunities to promote investment and economic development.


“Due to the vast improvement in technology and recognition of the importance of encompassing sea, air and land information, Government revived and strengthened the Fiji Geo-Spatial Information Management Council formerly known as the Fiji Land Information Council. This is intended to promote the development and management of Geo-Spatial information in Fiji on a more integrated and comprehensive basis,” he said.


“Recognising the importance of Geo-Spatial Information, Fiji pushed for adoption of a special resolution on this subject at the United Nations General Assembly.  It was for the first time recognized and accepted by the General Assembly.”


Fiji launched the sugar industry GIS portal in November last year boosted the Ministry of Sugar’s justification for its 2015 budgetary submission resulted in a budget provision for Sugar Cane Industry GIS of $938,170.00.


“I am sharing this with you today because this is part of the objective of this Forum to share information, data and relevant experiences so that members could learn and benefit from them. For what is it is worth, the sustainability of this GIS/RS User Forum will require huge leaps of faith. Users must come together in faith to share information. Without this, it may be difficult,” Mr Chand added.

“Sustainability is about relevance. It is our plea to you all, as members of the GIS/RS User Forum, that you will continue to work together through a spirit of open dialogue, willingness to share data and information, establishing communication links, both domestic and offshore and providing access to the latest software for the benefit of all.”


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