Jubilant pioneer Year 9 students of Christian Mission Fellowship Secondary School



The Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Dr Mahendra Reddy this week announced that the Ministry of Education will expand its services to embark towards addressing the rising social problems.


Minister Reddy  said that schools can be used in the weekend to conduct classes on values and virtues education.


“The Ministry of Education is concerned with the rising number of social problems that has plagued our society. We need to address this problem collectively,” said Minister Reddy.


“I am urging the faith based organisations to work with us in the weekends in our schools to teach values and virtues education. This initiative will ensure that our children are fed with the right information to make informed decisions. We need to instill sound and moral values to our children. These values will greatly impact their decision making and ensure that we groom morally sound individuals who can make a difference in their family and their community.


“We need to build the right foundation in the lives of our children and the principles of our faith based organisations will certainly play a vital role in our pursuit. This will also build the confidence in our children to question the existing way of doing things. We need to train our children to move away from the culture of silence and question traditional authorities when dealing with contemporary issues.”


The Minister also stated that it is high time for all Fijians to work together to address the growing social problems for a better and united Fiji.


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