Four students from around the Suva area have been apprehended by Police for playing truancy.

The Fiji Police Force formed an Anti-truancy Unit this year to monitor students that loiter around during school hours.

The truancy team is made up of a team of officers who will be patrolling the city of Suva looking out for the presence of school students in particular during school hours.

 Two students from a High School in Suva and two students from a Primary School in Suva were taken to Totogo last week after they were caught in town during school hours.

The anti-truancy unit accompanied the students to their respective schools, talked to their teachers and accompanied them home to their parents.

Police are calling on all parents to ensure that their children are in school during school hours and not somewhere else.

Police will continue to monitor all amusement centers, internet cafes and Parks to ensure that all students are at the appropriate place during school hours.


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