The Minister for Education, Ambassador Filipe Bole today received a cheque of $10,000 as assistance from Tappoos Fiji Limited for 13 secondary schools in the Nadroga/Navosa education district.


The assistance will benefit 250 students from these13 schools.


“The assistance today I must say is really good as it will greatly benefit the students from the 13 secondary schools in the Nadroga/Navosa education district. The support from Tappoos is commended as this will assist students reach the highest level of secondary education,” commented the Minister for Education, Ambassador Filipe Bole.


“This initiative from Tappoos is a testimony of collaboration from donor agencies in the promotion of quality education for our children. The theme of the Ministry for this year is STEP UP and initiatives as such will surely propel education to another level,”remarked Ambassador Bole.


The Executive Director of Tappoos, Mr.KamleshTappoo said that they are pleased to assist students from families with low income earners.


“The aim of this initiative is to assist students access the education services needed in order for them to succeed with their dreams in life. We will continue assisting the secondary students next year through the “Seeds Programme” where students will plant seeds so they can sustain themselves, their families and also pay for their fees,”saidMr.Tappoo.


The 13 schools to benefit from the assistance are Sigatoka Andhra Sangam College, Navosa Central College, Nasikawa Vision College, Sigatoka Methodist College, NadrogaArya College, Thomas Baker Memorial School, Nadroga/Navosa Provincial High School, Lomawai Secondary School, Bemana Catholic Secondary School, Kavanagasau College, Cuvu College, Sigatoka Valley High School and Nawai Secondary School.


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