19 year old latest drowning case


The body of a 57 year old farmer of Vitina Village, Dogotuki in the Northern Division was discovered floating in the Nasavu river yesterday morning.

The victim was last seen leaving for his farm located about half a kilometer across the Nasavu River on Monday afternoon. At 1900hrs, his wife alerted villagers when her husband failed to return whereby a search was conducted with the assistance of officers from the Wainikoro Community Post.

Only a bag of cassava and coconuts with a knife placed on a bamboo raft was discovered floating along the river. The search was called off and resumed the next morning where the victim’s body was discovered at about 0630 hours.

Meanwhile the body of the 19 year old youth from Navuso Village in Naitasiri was discovered by police divers yesterday afternoon.

The victim went missing after he allegedly jumped into the Waila Creek during a fishing trip and failed to surface.

As investigations continue the number of people believed to have drowned in less than a week now stands at five.

With the current unpredictable weather being experienced around the country the Fiji Police cannot stress enough the need for everyone not to underestimate the power of Mother Nature.

It is better to err on the side of caution and wait till it has been deemed safe before attempting to cross flooded areas.

Authorities once made aware of a flood or heavy rain warning will make every effort to issue advice on the need to stay clear and restrict movement for everyone’s safety. However it is of great concern that the advice continues to fall on deaf ears.

It has been noted that many lives are lost during Fiji’s cyclone season and we do hope there is a change in mindset when it comes to personal safety.



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