Actress Aackruti Nagpal is Back in action with Action Khiladi Akshay Kumar

Aackruti Nagpal With Holiday Team.


Who among us hasn’t thought of a pivotal moment in life for which he wished he had been granted a do-over? Who hasn’t looked back in anger or regret and wished for a second chance that might have led to better results?

Here’s the first truth about second chances: They rarely happen by chance and it’s true to get a second chance in the Hindi film industry when an actor has rejected a good film which can be turning point of his or her life.

It has happened to our upcoming actress Aackruti Nagpal. When she was new in the industry and was supposed to do a film opposite Shahrukh khan as kajol’s sister. Baazigar ,she was approached while shooting for Dev Anand’s movie gangster  in Mehboob studio by the secretary who was working with Venus ,who  manipulated words & confused her not to do “Behan Ka role” as she has  come to the industry  to play only lead roles at that tender age of eighteen, she was young and didn’t understand the industry she refused and This created a wrong  impression in front of Mr. Abbas Mastan and Ratan Jain.

After that she bagged a role opposite Shahrukh khan in the movie Guddu but that didn’t help her to survive in Bollywood. Now this little girl has grown up as a woman and is coming back in the industry with Akshay Kumar’s upcoming thriller movie “Holiday” where she is playing a cameo as Sonakshi’s sister. After plenty of  work in Tamil Telugu cinema, TV commercials like Emami , Amul coco, radius pen and one brand series 24 with Mr. Anil kapoor now  Aackruti is playing an innocent and beautiful-looking character along with Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha.

“I have only compliments and praises for all as Akshay is a fabulous human being and it is fun to work with him and Sonakshi Sinha is really a very kind person. I really enjoyed working and I have lots to learn from them”, Aackruti said.

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