A Step Closer To New York

LOCALS are enjoying a taste of New York pizza without leaving the Capital City.

The New York Pizza Kitchen on Level Four of the TappooCity complex makes this possible.
The eatery, which opened recently, adds muscle to the enticing international cuisine served at the Tappoo City food court.

“We have invested in excess of $500,000 in the NYPK restaurant with its state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, fit-outs, fixtures, and decor,” says Tappoo Group CEO Madhu Tappoo.WEB 3

“This is aligned with our international food court’s mission, which is to give our people and tourists world-class food that is top grade in terms of quality, variety, presentation and hygiene.

“We are delighted that this is being appreciated by our local people, as well as tourists, visiting the Capital City.” NYPK spokesman Sathya Narayanan said the source of inspiration for this business concept was New York’s signature square pizzas.

“We have gone to great lengths to capture that New York experience for our customers, and a look at our menu will reflect this,” he said.

Although beef and pork were excluded from the menu to cater for the dietary restrictions of many, Mr. Narayanan said they were still able to create “the great flavours of New York Italian pizza”.

He said the use of fresh local produce in their recipes enhanced NYPK’s crusty, square-based recipes, as well as supported local entrepreneurs. Located on the seaward side of the food court, the pizza outlet capitalised on the view of the Suva Harbour. Its bright red walls, art décor furnishings, and black-and-white picture beams of New York’s iconic streets set a unique and inviting atmosphere. Every little detail of TappooCity food court’s latest gem was executed with the greatest of care, Mr. Narayanan said.

“The lunch crowd has discovered NYPK. This has translated into our busiest hours being from 1-3pm on a working day.” He said the pizzeria had created employment for 16 people, four of whom were qualified chefs who underwent specialised training to perfect the art of making thin, crispy square pizzas.

Mr. Narayanan said he was confident NYPK’s popularity would continue to mount because locals were more discerning shoppers who demanded quality for their hard-earned money.



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