Having survived 2012 including some of the worst floods and hurricanes in Fiji’s history, we now look forward to 2013 and with it, a new school year. Children are returning to their respective hallowed halls of learning, decked out in their crisp, new uniforms, shiny sandals, name brand book bags and gel free haircuts. But not all children.

In the wake of the difficulties of 2012, many children have only an old, undersized, frayed uniform to wear or, no uniform at all. Many are wearing flip flops (or nothing at all) on their feet while carrying book bags, re-sewn many times over the past year with zips that no longer zip and that remain empty of the exercise books and other supplies that they will need if they are to succeed in their studies.

Many well intentioned organizations and individuals are stepping up and helping our children get on with their job of preparing for a better future. One such organization is the Art of Living Foundation of Fiji – Lautoka branch. This year, Art of Living Lautoka have decided to give special attention to the children of Vunato settlement, situated on the outskirts of Lautoka.

In all, 47 primary school children from Vunato are going to school with a new uniform, new sandals and new book bags. Parents and children are grateful to the local and overseas donors that are making this possible.

In addition, as in past years, the Art of Living Foundation, Lautoka branch will be working with other local primary schools to identify children’s needs and how these needs can best be met. There are no overhead costs so every donated (and audited) dollar goes toward outfitting children toward a better future. If you would like to assist this worthy project, please contact Vinesh Chandra at 9907803.

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