Caption: Hon. Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar meets with patients at Tavua Hospital today.Photo SUPPLIED.

The Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services Veena Bhatnagar visited the Tavua Hospital today and held a public consultation with the residents of Tavua.

Both the Hon. Minister and Assistant Minister have been visiting medical facilities in the past few weeks to personally look at ways of improving Fiji’s healthcare system. During these visits, both the Minister and the Assistant Minister have held consultations to hear from the public on how the Ministry of Health and Medical Services can improve on its services and facilities.

Tavua residents who participated at the consultation were given the opportunity to raise concerns with the Assistant Minister. One of the major issues raised by the residents was on service delivery and customer services provided by Tavua Hospital.

In response, Assistant Minister Bhatnagar said, “It is the Ministry’s role to ensure that your issues and questions are heard and answered. We are committed in ensuring that health service delivery is improved vastly”.

Other issues raised at the consultation were in relation to transport, road, land, water and electricity concerns. The Hon. Assistant Health Minister took note of these issues.

“We are taking note of these other issues raised apart from health issues. We are taking note of your other grievances and will be notifying the relevant authorities for their necessary action”.

“We are here to listen to you and ensure that the necessary changes are implemented”, she added.

Earlier today, she visited the Tavua hospital. This was an opportunity for staff and patients to raise their concerns on some of the challenges faced. While commending the staff for their work, she added that providing Fijians with better and more efficient medical services was a commitment the Fijian Government intends to undertake.

“The Ministry will be focusing on improving customer services at all health facilities. This is to ensure that the Ministry’s commitment in providing efficient and effective health service delivery is maintained and delivered at all times”.




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