Audiopharmacy to perform in Fiji


San Francisco-based international art collective band, Audiopharmacy is now in the country to perform for the public.

American Embassy Regional Media Affairs Specialist, Snehal Morris said they will be performing at the Farmers Club in Nadi at 6pm tomorrow for free.

“The band will be performing for free and it will be good for the pubic to come out in numbers and watch them,” she said.

The band consisting of four, pulls together inspiration from all corners of the earth, and combines its talents to make a sound and culture that is avant garde, yet always speaking the language of the people.

Audiopharmacy Poster A3

Band members are; Teao(Producer/Guitar/Turntablist)hails from San Francisco, California. As a DJ/music producer and multi-instrumentalist, he founded an international art/music collective in 2002 called Audiopharmacy Prescriptions to raise a consciousness and global awareness of humanity’s ability to build prosperous and harmonious communities through art and music.

Ras k’dee (Vocals/Keyboard)is from San Francisco, California, and is a Native California (Pomo)/African musician, community educator, and renowned lyricist and producer.

Keepyahjoy (BASS/BUCKET DRUMS), born Christopher Romanelli, and raised in New York, he now lives in San Francisco. He is known in the streets from San Francisco to Tokyo as “The Bucketman,” whose Inspiring and infectious rhythms can have anyone within earshot to break out in dance.

Kwome Gustave(Drummer)was born in 1980 into a family where music was as essential to life as food, water, air, and spirituality. Ras Kwome learned early that his destiny was to continue the musical work that his father, Ras Ibeshee, began with one of the most treasured bands from the US Virgin Islands – The Zioneers.

Audiopharmacy will held their master class from 2pm-3pm at the famers club  in Nadi tomorrow before their public performance at 6pm.

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