Australia Thunderbolts makes it to the Quarter-finals

Caption:Australia Thunderbolts coach Michael O’Connor speaks to his team after the game against Samurai Barracudas. Photo: EMOSI LASAQA.


Australia has scored a spot in the quarter-final after defeating Samurai Barracudas, 19-7.

Coach Michael O’Connor said he is impressed with the team’s performance and plans to maintain it.

“I would have to say every game was tough and the players showed a lot of courage,” he said.

O’Connor also mentioned that they are looking forward to tomorrow’s matches as players usually step up their performance.

“We are going to focus on Day two as I am very much aware, that’s where the Fijian’s creep will rise to the top,” he said.

He said that this tournament will determine the players that will be representing their team in the Wellington 7s.

Australia Thunderbolts defeated Lautoka Hurricanes in their match today, 17-14.

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