On the 30th June, 100 excited tourists will arrive in Nadi from Sydney’s Newport Beach for a week of rugby, sun, fun and charity work.

Newport Beach in Sydney is home to one of the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest Junior Rugby Clubs.   The Newport Club has been bringing their Under 14’s Rugby Union players to Fiji for the past 10 years.  Back in 2003, there were a group of 20 players and just a handful of dads.  Over the years, the annual Newport Junior Rugby Union Under 14’s tour has grown and this year there will be 54 players across three teams who will be supported by 46 fathers of the players.  A total group of 100 will be in Fiji from 30 June to 7 July.

International Rugby Games will be held on Tuesday 2nd July at Namaka Public School and on Saturday 6th July at Prince Charles Stadium in Nadi with the Newport Club playing great rugby against Nadi Kaji Club under 14’s teams.

Newport’s “Bula Cup” will be played as the curtain raiser for the Nadi vs Nadroga game on Saturday 6th July and the Newport boys are already excitedly nervous about playing to such a huge crowd on international soil.

Apart from Rugby, the Newport Group will also facilitate some Sports Training Sessions for the school children at Conua School, where the Club sponsor two school boys and they will also provide some equipment and building works for Treasure House Orphanage.

The Newport Junior Rugby Club Under 14’s conduct a full year of fundraising activities to assist with costs in getting the group to Fiji and to provide the funds for the donations they provide to the Fiji community.

Look out for the blue and white rugby jerseys next week around Fiji and if you have the time, come and cheer on both Newport and Nadi!


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