Ministry of Health’s concerted effort to curb the spread of dengue has seen extra resources being deployed to hospitals and clinics around the country.

The authorities including the Divisional Commissioners are working in coordination to provide medical assistance to hospitals and clinics in urban, rural and remote communities although the majority of cases have been recorded in the central division.

The ministry has established a task force that largely includes international health agencies which is designed to monitor the spread of the dengue virus and analyse current trends.

The figure for confirmed dengue cases stands at 2,589.

Spraying of insecticide is a preventative measure being undertaken by the ministry since late last year and it continues in many areas especially in Suva.

The ministry continues to emphasise the importance of destroying mosquito breeding areas and using repellents and mosquito nets as a means of protection against dengue carrying mosquito.



The anti-dengue fever insecticide spraying campaign continues in the residential areas within the Central division this week, as part of the Ministry of Health/Suva, Nasinu and Nausori Town Councils joint action against dengue.


Members of the public living in these residential areas are advised to assist by clearing their backyard and to take heed of the dates when the spraying team reaches their homes.


Members of the public are advised to destroy all potential mosquito breeding areas around their compound by cleaning empty tins and clearing rubbish around their homes.


A schedule of the spraying dates is below.


Wednesday 19th

8am-12pm – Nuffield Hospital, Twomey Hospital, Fiji School of Nursing, Fiji School of Medicine Quarters, Navosai/lagilagi, Waila 3B & Waila 3A

12pm-5pm –  Latter Day Saints area, Tamavua Koro, Navosai/Lagilagi


Thursday 20th

8am-12pm – Tacirua, Savutalele, Princess road, Muanikoso & Lagere

12pm-5pm – Tacirua village, 6 miles, Samabula, Nepani & Nadawa


Friday 21th

8am- 12pm – Sakoca, Samabula, Nadawa

12pm – 5pm – Tacirua Heights, Dokanaisuva Road, Namadi Heights, Qarase road


Saturday 22st

8am – 12pm – Khalsa road, Mead Road, Bayview Heights, Reba Circle

12pm – 5pm – Khalsa road, Mead Road, Bayview Heights, Laucala beach


Sunday 23rd

8am – 12pm – Sukanaivalu road, Nadera

12pm-5pm – Ratu Mara road, Nadera


Monday 24th  

8am-12pm – Tacirua East, Cunningham Stage 1 & 2, Kinoya

12pm-5pm – Cunnigham 3 & 4, Kinoya


Tuesday 25th

8am – 12pm – Wailoku, Savura, Caubati

12pm – 5pm – Wailoku, Savura, Caubati


Wednesday 26th

8am -12pm – Nabulivatu, Wakanisila, Khalsa (L&R)

12pm – 5pm – Tovata, Khalsa (L & R)


Thursday 27th

8am – 12pm – Kinoya, Newtown , Nakasi/Naulu, Koronivia

12pm-5pm – Kinoya, Sakoca, Koronivia


Friday 28th

8am-12pm – Nadera, Valelevu, Dilip street/Davuilevu

12pm – 5pm – Nadera, Valelevu, Nausori town


Saturday 1st March

8am – 12pm – Pilling road, Nasole & Caqiri, Vuci

12pm-5pm – Kings road, FNU Nasinu, Vuci



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