Be safety this Festive season- Police


Police has urged members of public to be more cautious as we approach the festive season.
And the Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro has stated that they would be morte focus with major focus of police operations.
“As we enter the Festive season traffic will be a major focus of Police operations,” she said.
Ms Naisoro said to date more than 51,000 speeding infringement notices have been issued while more than 1,000 drivers have been arrested for drink driving.
She said the road death toll currently stands at 64 compared to 61 for the same period last year and speeding and drunk driving continues to be a major concern.
“As the Festive season brings with it a lot of merry making and social gatherings we anticipate an increase in movement and activities on our busy roads and as seen in the past safety is not always prioritized.
Ms Naisoro added that Police would continue to issue their plea for everyone to take road safety seriously.
“It is ultimately up to every individual on whether they want to listen and comply and whether they value their lives and that of their loved ones and keep in mind that failure to take the advisories seriously could result in injury or the loss of lives,” she added.


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