Be wise, this Diwali

Caption: Premila Kumar. File Photo.

Don’t bust your budget this Diwali.

The Consumer watchdog of Fiji is calling on consumers to act wisely and avoid any overspending when doing Diwali shopping.

Diwali is that time of the year when festive fever takes the entire family in its grip. Besides spreading joy and peace, this period also gives people a chance to renovate and refurbish their houses and also make purchases that give a consumer more value for their money.

The joy of Diwali can still be kept alight, with families spending their hard earned cash prudently.  Like any other important occasion, Diwali is an expensive affair but a proper planning would help the consumers.

Do not get swayed away by the notion of commercializing the festival. People should concentrate more on the true meaning of the festival, enjoy its values and virtues.

Based on the observation and market surveillance in the past years, the Council has noted that the consumers become impulsive buyers during such festivals – ending up spending more than  planned. Families need  to prepare a in-house budget and stick to it.

Firecrackers, kitchenware, clothes and sweets are  some items purchased most by consumers during this season – so, the Council reiterates that shoppers should indulge in comparative shopping so they get a better deal and they are also able to save some money.

Also, the Council is warning retailers to not breach any laws on the sale of firecrackers. It has been noted in the previous years that shops failed to put up notices informing consumers that firecrackers is only to be sold to over 18- year olds and children wishing to purchase it should be accompanied by an adult.

Many retail outlets have also been caught selling firecrackers with foreign languages imprinted on it which is not only illegal but also dangerous as consumers would not know what precaution need to be taken and instructions of use before using the crackers. This information is crucial for the safety of consumers.

It is also expected that the consumers exercise their responsibility while using fire crackers.


Premila Kumar

Chief Executive Officer


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