Beware of Bogus Green Card Lottery

The Consumer Council of Fiji is cautioning consumers applying for American Visas via American Green Card Lottery to ensure that they are obtaining legitimate visa information packages before making any payments.

This call comes after the Council received numerous phone calls from consumers enquiring about the authenticity of a public notice advertised in the local dailies offering entrance into the American green card lottery.

This advertisement contains only an email and phone contact for interested consumers requiring further information.

The Council has contacted the Embassy of the United States of America, Department of State, and Office of Visa Services, who has advised that consumers should visit website, as this is the only source of official information on the Green Card Lottery.

Consumers are urged to act responsibly and not make any payments to any such person or “agent” without obtaining prior and correct information. They are further advised to report any such fraudulent persons to the relevant authorities.




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