Big-bellied Bruce Lee poster by Mumbai restaurant attracts protests

Mumbai.City’s Facing East restaurant owners may not be able to believe their luck. A big-bellied poster of Bruce Lee with momo in his fingers has attracted more attention they paid for. With the support of local MLA Krishna Hegde, Chitah Yajness Shetty, founder of Chitah Jeet Kune-Do Federation from Mumbai has protested against what he calls “the intentional awful act of the restaurants management (sic).”

Yajness Shetty along with students of his federation marked the protest by pasting ‘SORRY’ poster at the signage at Juhu tara Road, opposite J.W.Mariott Hotel and submitted a letter to the restaurant management over the maligning portrayal.

MLA Krishan Hegde said “this is not only a disrespectfully featured image but it is also shocking to notice that the management of an up market restaurant has gone ahead without taking necessary permissions to use the Bruce Lee’s image to promote the outlet.”

“Bruce Lee’s world famous pose has ‘Momo’ in fingers caused a deep dis-comfort to millions of Martial Art followers and lovers,” said Chitah Yajness Shetty, who represents Bruce Lee Federation India. He has further demanded satisfactory response from restaurant’s management over permission to use Sijo Bruce Lee’s image officially. He also demanded an written apology and compensation for Bruce Lee Foundation, US.
“Mr Obaid from Facing East has verbally assured to remove the objectionable signage after the protest,” the protesters added.


Sanjay Sharma Raj


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