Britain mourns demise of Margaret Thatcher

Baroness Thatcher is no more but her legacy will remain forever. We owe her an immense debt of gratitude. 

Firstly, she became the first woman Prime Minister in Britain by defying gravity. Many pundits had predicted Britain was not ready for a woman Prime Minister.

She was no ordinary woman or Prime Minister. She was unique in her resolve and determination for Britain. She was rightly called the Iron Lady as she stood for no nonsense and stayed on her course. For her the interests of Britain always came first and every time. As a result, she fought for Britain’s interest in Europe and beyond and succeeded.

Dr Rami Ranger

Dr Rami Ranger


She stood for the rights of the people of the Falkland Islands when many in her position would have capitulated to the Argentinean dictator, but not her. Her resolve brought her admiration from every corner of the world. Many great leaders emulated her and her economic policies became known as Thatcherism. It was due to her economic policies that turned Britain from a sick man of Europe to the most prosperous country in Europe. She took on the might of the Trade Unions when many before her had appeased them with dire consequences for the nation, especially the ordinary people. It was the ordinary people who helped her win elections three times in a row as they could see she was good for everyone. 

I recall inviting people for a job interview to be told that they were better off not working. This was the state of the nation when Baroness Thatcher came to power. Her policy of selling council houses made many successful entrepreneurs as they could raise money against the property they bought. She was a visionary who believed in human nature and wanted responsibilities shifted from the state to the individual. The effects of her legacy are being felt even today and I dare say will be felt for ever. Britain has changed for good thanks to Baroness Thatcher. The world has become a poorer place today with the loss of a leader who had qualities which will remain unparalleled.

Dr Rami Ranger MBE
Co Founder
The British Asian Conservative Link


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