Broken power line disrupts traffic

CAPTION: Traffic was disrupted after a live power line fell on the road. Photos: SHALENDRA PRASAD.

Traffic in Fiji’s busiest tourism road came to a halt after a live power line fell on the ground this afternoon.

Access to and fro the Denarau road which leads to Denarau Island, Fiji’s largest integrated tourism operation hub was severely disrupted at around 4.30pm leaving thousands of tourists and locals stranded when a ten-wheeler truck which was allegedly overloaded broke an FEA power-line.

The live wire fell across the road and a National Fire Authority Truck which was immediately behind the truck which broke the line was the first one to be stopped because of the disruption.


The truck which broke the line.

The truck which broke the line.

Fire officers immediately advised all drivers to refrain from crossing the broken wire which was live until professional help arrived.

“Beware, the wire is live and you can get electrocuted,” one fire office standing on the side of the road warned.

The Jet newspaper team which was travelling towards Nadi from Denarau Island was also affected. The team witnessed a major traffic jam on both sides of the road with stranded tourists on tour buses as well.

The newspaper team is in the process of contacting the Land Transport Auhtority and Fiji Electricity Authority to find out if the concerned truck driver had broken the law by overloading, that to on a busy road used by thousands of tourists and locals alike.

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