CAPTION:  Permanent Secretary for Transport, Francis Kean. File Photo.

Bus companies have been given a two-week extension for the full installation of the new e-ticketing systems, the Ministry of Transport announced today.

Bus companies now have until midnight on the 17th of May to make sure that all of their buses have e-ticketing machines installed.

The Permanent Secretary for Transport, Francis Kean said that this decision was taken after a meeting with the Fiji Bus Operators Association (FBOA) this morning.

“The Ministry is here to work together with the bus operators and the FBOA, and overall we have been extremely pleased with the way the industry has worked to implement this new system,” he said.

“The overwhelming majority of operators have reacted very positively to e-ticketing, and so we were willing to give an extension in order to allow those who were not yet in full compliance a little more time.”

He said that 57 of the nation’s 59 bus companies were already in full or in partial compliance.

The Chief Executive of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Naisa Tuinaceva said that the bus operators that were not in compliance after the May 17 deadline would not be allowed to operate.

“I would like to thank all those companies who met the April 30 deadline, and encourage those who are not yet in full compliance to take advantage of this extension to meet the new deadline,” he said.

“During this period, the LTA is here to assist these companies comply.”


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