Cautious shopping at Northern Crime Prevention Carnival 2013

CAPTION: Consumer Council CEO Premila Kumar. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.

The Consumer Council urges consumers to shop carefully during the Northern Crime Prevention Carnival 2013 at Subrail Park, Labasa commencing, Saturday 15th to 22nd June 2013.

This is the time when many consumers will flock in to the park to take advantage of the discounted products put on sale.

During the festive environment, the Council advises consumers to avoid impulsive buying and only purchase those items which are needed to avoid wasting their hard earned money.

Consumers should not rush to purchase products or services but be smart and responsible shoppers by determining whether you really need the product or whether the product is fit for its purpose before purchasing. It is also advisable to check product labels for expiry dates or best before dates, quality of items, test electronic goods and try on clothes and footwear to ensure that the correct size is purchased.

The Council also advises consumers to seek clarifications on the terms and conditions associated with a product and on the return, refund or repair policies.

It is also important to demand for receipts should you need to return or exchange the product.

Traders are encouraged to be fair to consumers and not take advantage of gullible consumers.

The Council on 19th June, 2013 will be setting up a mobile unit during this carnival from 10.00am to 3.00pm and consumers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to seek advice on consumer issues or can lodge complaints.


Premila Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

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