Check Abbreviation in Water Bills before Waiver Ends

CAPTION: Munauwar Khan of Nadi goes through his family water bill. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.


It has come to the Council’s attention that consumers may have unknowingly paid for estimated water bills for a long period of time.

Common abbreviations found on the bills are CE for computer estimates and E4 for estimated bills. This has come to light after it was brought to the Council’s attention on the use of abbreviations in bills that denote the estimated water consumption. Unfortunately, there is no further information on the bills that explain what the abbreviations stand for. The usage of such abbreviations has been found on water bills when water and sewerage was managed by Water and Sewerage Department.

Consumers are encouraged to check their water bills from 2010 onwards for these abbreviations even if they paid their bills on time. An estimated bill is not a correct reflection of water consumed and therefore these consumers should check their bills to claim for waiver.

The Council would like to advice consumers to check their previous bills and should a series of estimates be observed than a waiver form should be filled. Waiver forms should be filled in and lodged by the 31st of January, 2013.

Premila Kumar,  Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Council of Fiji

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