Village Headman in front of the road construction in Verata. PHOTO:SUPPLIED.

A major rility of Fulton Hogan Hiways is to upgrade the road network in the more rural villages and communities of the Central and Northern Divisions.

Their efforts often result in improved access to markets, villages and schools and no better example of this work then at the chiefly village of Verata Ucunivanua in Tailevu.

According to village headman, Ratu Savenaia Lalakoverata the more than 200 villagers of Verata Ucunivanua, had suffered through years “of neglect” where their road was often “impossible to use.”

“The road was filled with large potholes. When it rained the road was slippery and muddy that meant buses and carriers often refused to us it. And that meant that our children could miss school often for up to three days and the farmers could not take their produce to market,” said Mr. Lalakaverata.

Fulton Hogan Hiways took four days to upgrade the 10 kilometre road that required grading, spot metaling and vegetation clearance.

With the road now repaired, Mr. Lalakaverata said the buses now come four times a day, the children have no trouble going to school and the farmers are happy, for with access to carriers they can get their produce to market.
Fulton Hogan Korovou Depot Supervisor, Pauliasi Qalo, said that the road would continue to be maintained on a monthly basis.

Working closely with the Fiji Road Authority, Fulton Hogan Hiways will continue to repair rural roads and improve access.

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