Caption: etary Mr Amena Yauvoli (third from left) with climate negotiators attending the annual UN climate talks in Lima, Peru.Photo:SUPPLIED.

Climate negotiators attending the annual UN climate talks in Lima, Peru this week, including twelve Fijian delegates, face an uphill struggle to secure a strong deal that will safeguard the planet from runaway climate change.

The meeting, which enters its second and final week, sees countries tussling over the inclusion of critical elements into a draft text that imposes obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Fiji’s Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Mr Amena Yauvoli, in his role as Chairperson of the UN- Subsidiary Body for Implementation is hoping for a strong outcome from Lima.

“We are building towards a new successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol to be launched in Paris next year. Fiji’s active contributions at this Lima COP are necessary for the success in Paris,” Mr Yauvoli said.

“Lima is crucial in that it will launch the important elements that will make up the content of the Paris agreement in 2015. Without a strong Lima Agreement, Paris may not be worthwhile at all.”

The reduction of emissions by industrialised countries is essential to better reflect the latest UN scientists’ report expressing grave concerns that we are on a course toward mass species extinction in the next three decades.

The world has been experiencing unprecedented levels of warming in the last two decades and scientists have attributed this to man-made activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels over the past century.

The 20th session of the Conference of the Parties and the 10th session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol is taking place from 1 to 12 December. COP 20/CMP 10 is being hosted by the Government of Peru, in Lima.



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