Council backs LTA on its action

Premila Kumar. 

The Consumer Council of Fiji applauds the Land Transport Authority for canceling the license of Nativa Motors from operating as an authorized motor vehicle dealer in Fiji.

We support LTA for taking a drastic action against Nativa Motors as they have been deceiving consumers for far too long.

The Council has received 11 complaints against Nativa Motors with a monetary value of  close to $82,000.

The nature of complaints range from vehicle having defective and faulty parts, deposit taken but the vehicle sold to another buyer, vehicle encountering engine problem soon after purchase, etc.

The Council upon receiving these complaints attempted to resolve it through mediation with Nativa Motors but they blatantly refused to provide redress to consumers which led the cases to be referred to other authorities for further action.

In the absence of Consumer Tribunal, consumers have to spend more money through Court system to get redress since SCT handles cases with a maximum monetary value of $5000.

The step taken by LTA to cancel their license is timely and will act as a deterrent for other second hand vehicle dealers. It will also come as a relief to those consumers who were hoodwinked by Nativa Motors.

It is high time that the regulatory bodies step up and pin down such unscrupulous dealers who deny consumers value for their money.

We are aware of other second hand vehicle dealers who continue to temper with odometer where cancellation certificate do not match with the odometer reading despite warnings from LTA and FRCA: they also bring in vehicles with worn-out spare parts, defective gearbox and over-run vehicles. These dealers continually disregard the law and fail to provide consumer redress.

The Council is urging consumers to report such cases where second hand car dealers have duped them.

Ms Premila Kumar


Consumer Council of Fiji

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