Council focuses on Consumer Education for Women

Empowering women on their consumer rights and responsibilities equips them with the knowledge and confidence they need to make smart choices in the marketplace. Confident consumers are good for Fiji’s economy because when consumer confidence is up, consumer spending is up as well.

The Consumer Council will be conducting a workshop on Consumer Education for Women. The workshop will be conducted at Council’s headquarters in Suva on Wednesday 30th January, 2013.

The workshop will empower 20 women participants on different aspects of Consumer Credit Act, their rights in hire purchase market, and traps in money lending business, how to maximize their dollar by having a good budget and also on how to save some bucks by enlightening themselves on Council’s Switch and Save Campaign and free Debt Management service.

The participants are from faith based and community oriented women’s groups. These participants will ultimately be responsible for taking the message to their community. Reaching out to such groups and broadening its network is what the Council hopes to achieve with its outreach programs.

The workshop will be an ideal opportunity for these women to seek clarification on various issues faced by them when they handle money to buy goods and services for their families.

Awareness for these women is a priority for the Council as women face challenges in confronting the traders and service providers. Some consumers often fail to lodge official complaints either because they fear victimization by traders or they are ignorant of their own rights or face difficulty in lodging complaint.

The Council hopes to educate the women on these aspects so they can fight for their rights. Please refer to the attached program for details.



Consumer Education Workshop

Venue: Consumer Council of Fiji Suva office boardroom

Date: Wednesday 30th January 2013

Workshop program

8.30-8.45am Registration/House Keeping Rules
8.45-9am CEO welcomes the participants
9-9.30am What We Do-Manager CIM, Dorine Narayan
9.30-10am Consumer Rights and Responsibilities-Manager CIM, Dorine Narayan
10-10.30am Morning Tea Break
10.30-11am Switch and Save Campaign-Manager Research, Josua Namoce
11-11.30am Are You An Empowered Consumer-Manager CIM, Dorine Narayan
11.30-12pm Consumer Credit Act: The Basics- Manager ADR, Evyln Mani
12-12.30pm Hire Purchase (White Goods)- Manager CIM, Dorine Narayan
12.30-1.30pm Lunch Break
1.30-2pm Debt Management-Manager ADR, Evyln Mani
2-2.30pm Money Lending-Manager Research, Josua Namoce
2.30-3.30pm Stretch Your Dollar and Budgeting-Manager CIM, Dorine Narayan
3.3-4pm Exercise and presentation- Manager CIM, Dorine Narayan
4pm Afternoon tea-Ends


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