Council wants More Action from LTA

Premila Kumar. 

The Consumer Council of Fiji applauds the Land Transport Authority for cancelling the license of Nativa Motor to operate as  an authorized motor vehicle dealer  for unethical business practice.

This stern action should act as a deterrent for other second hand vehicle dealers operating in the country, particularly those who continue to hoodwink consumers by selling them defective vehicles with worn-out spare parts, clocked vehicles showing less mileage that does not match with the cancellation certificate and used vehicles which have been written off in the country imported from.

The Council appreciates LTA’s stern action against Nativa Motors but is urging the enforcement agency to also scrutinize other used vehicle dealers and not hesitate to cancel their licenses especially those who blatantly turn blind eyes to the law.

All eyes are on LTA to act in time to bring order in the used vehicle industry to ensure consumers are not ripped off.

We should not tolerate second hand vehicle dealers who disregard  the law – a good example is the case of the vehicles belonging to a Suva-based second hand  dealer, caught driving  carelessly , who failed to have proper trade plate, a number plate and driving without a driving license.

This is just unacceptable and this second hand vehicle dealer should face the full brunt of the law.A warning is NOT enough – LTA must institute action against this dealer!

No one is above the law and consumers need to be protected against such business operators – The Council continues to receive several complaints against such dealers who show no integrity in the way they do business – there is no element of honesty and customer care, let alone any form of moral obligation towards the consumers who spend their hard earned cash to buy a vehicle which may be defective.

We are aware of some dealers who use mafia-style of doing business – they sell same vehicle to two different customers, use muscle power to repossess vehicles if the consumer runs into arrears and we have had a case when one dealer repossessed the vehicle at midnight from the customer’s home by using his influence.

This is a matter of public interest and we need to see more hard-line action against other unscrupulous second hand vehicle dealers.


Ms. Premila Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

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