Council Welcomes Vodafone on Reduction of Minimum E-card Top ups

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes Vodafone’s swift decision to reduce the minimum top up of smart cards to $2 from their initial $5.

 This decision by Vodafone will no doubt bring relief and joy to thousands of e-ticket cards users who depend on this form of transport. The decision will enable consumers particularly those at the lower end of socio-economic scale to purchase and top up the smartcards at ease.

The Council deems that the minimum $5 top-up was not fair for ordinary and poor consumers. Thus the reduction to $2 would be helpful and ease the burden faced by consumers who had to carry $5 to get their smart cards recharged.

The Council believes that the e-ticketing system should make things convenient for poor consumers who are used to carrying in their pockets the bare minimum for bus fares.

The reduction in the minimum top up for the e – ticketing cards will allow consumers to accept the e – ticketing system.  Consumers would like to see the sale of smart cards and top up facilities provided at all bus stations around the country with simple system to get refunds if overcharged. 

The Council is calling on LTA and involved stakeholders to take responsibility in ensuring an easier and more accessible way to provide refunds to consumers.

LTA should ensure that consumers’ are not be inconvenienced while switching to “no cash system”.

-Press Release-

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