Cricket competes with rugby at Sigatoka ‘Give it a Go’ Day


Cricket experienced a solid turnout at the Fiji National Sports Commission’s (FNSC) ‘Give it a Go’ Days in Sigatoka this week, with Cricket Fiji’s Development Officers present saying they experienced great interest among all the sports present.

The program run by the FNSC aims to introduce Fijian children to a range of lesser-known sports, at the same time as promoting the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle. As well as cricket, other sports participating in this ‘Give it a Go’ program was table tennis, power lifting, boxing, and bodybuilding.
The Sigatoka installment of the program was run over two days at Lawaqa Park, in conjunction with the provincial rugby, netball and volleyball tournaments. Typically the infamous ‘rugby town’ is difficult to introduce rugby fans to new sports, but Development Officer, Lanieta Benuci, said they experienced a solid turn out of between 30 and 40 children eager to learn about the basics of cricket over the Thursday and Friday that the event ran.
Cricket Fiji will continue to participate in the series of ‘Give it a Go’ Days run by the FNSC across the country, to give as many children as possible the chance to try and fall in love with cricket.

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