The Ministry of Health has registered a decline in the number of dengue cases since the week ending March 31 from 1576 to the current 389 suspected cases in the first week of May.
However, it maintains Fijians must remain vigilant.

National advisor Communicable Diseases, Dr Mike Kama said that a similar pattern was seen in the Solomon Islands just before another outbreak of dengue took place.

“Our advice is to remain vigilant by destroying all mosquito breeding areas and keep a clean compound,” Dr Kama said

In the last week of March, there were 1576 suspected cases, majority of which was in the Central Division, but there was a slight decline in the first week in April with 1500 cases registered.

There was steep decrease in the second week when the figure went down to 900 and then there was a plateau at 400 for the other two weeks.

For the first week in May, the numbers registered with health facilities was 389 with most of these recorded in the Western Division.

The cumulative figure since November 2013 is 25,300 of clinically suspected dengue cases, monitored on a weekly basis.

Dr Kama said anyone, who displayed symptoms of the virus, must present themselves to their nearest health facility at the earliest so it could be diagnosed.

“The centre of the epidemic has moved from Suva to the Western Division,” Dr Kama said.

There have been 15 dengue related deaths in Fiji since December 2013.

Two were registered last week.


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