Diamond Jubilee celebration signifies new changes

Caption: ON THE STAGE SITTING FROM (L-R) – Mrs. Urmila Arya, Ambassador Kamlesh Arya (College Manager), Mr. Anil Prasad (College Principal), Chief Guest – Associate Professor Chandra Prakash Dulare (Vice-Chancellor UniFiji), Mr. Mahendra Prasad (SEO Ba/Tavua) and Mrs Suklesh Bali (Former Teacher). Photo: SUPPLIED.


“Many of us will remember those days when there would be a blackboard, chalk, duster, and a stick in the hand of the teacher. Now teaching resources are different and thankfully the teacher does not carry a stick.  Up to very recently, we had many examinations.  Now most of the external exams have been abolished.”

Those were the words of the University of Fiji’s Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Chandra Dulare at the DAV College Diamond Jubilee Celebration in Ba, last week Friday.

Professor Dulare highlighted that the changes bring about new challenges to teaching and learning.

“The schools have to ensure that the right kind of resources and teaching equipment exist to adapt to changing teaching methodologies and second teachers need to upgrade their skills to be able to use new teaching and learning methodologies and new technologies,” he said.

Established at the year 1953, the school celebrated their Diamond Jubilee acknowledging their great achievement for the last 60 years.

“Many hands have toiled for the success of the College and many have provided invaluable support and assistance to ensure the College was built on solid foundation. They are too many to name. However, the present generation of Management group pays homage to  those souls who gave time and energy selflessly to the work the DAV College from inception to date,” DAV College Manager, Kamlesh Arya said.

Arya also acknowledged the people who have continued to support the college in any activities they took part in.

“No development is possible and no progress is achievable without the participation the business community. In this regard the Sabha is deeply honoured by the continued support of the Business community of Ba. Their support has provided the means to the Sabha to create an enabling environment for the education of the students of seeking enrolment at DAV College, Ba. There is little doubt that their confidence in ability of the Sabha to deliver brings this celebration to realization,” he said.


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