Digicel Business makes waves in Taveuni


Paradise Taveuni Resort has recently implemented a Digicel managed service to transform their guest internet experience.

The 4-star resort is remotely located on the garden island of Fiji, specializing in delivering an exclusive cultural and dive experience coupled with a white glove gourmet hospitality experience.

In the past, the resort found it incredibly challenging to provide a consistent internet experience for their guests, to match the quality of other services offered as part of the overall resort experience.

Paradise Taveuni Resort’s co-owner and operator, Allan Gortan said “Previous to the Digicel solution, we operated a Satellite Internet Connection, which did not provide a rewarding experience for guests, and we lacked a WiFi coverage footprint across the property.”

“We needed a solution to deliver guest satisfaction when they logged into the internet to stream video & voice application & content, and interact on social media.”

“We also needed a reliable connection to run our business and ensure we did not miss any new prospective booking requests. These requirements might sound simple – but cannot be taken for granted in a remote area.”

Paradise Taveuni turned to Digicel Business to deliver a turnkey managed solution which includes 24×7 free-call guest support, property-wide WiFi infrastructure, a dedicated high-speed internet circuit and a hospitality module which allows for automatic billing to each guest’s final room bill.

Digicel Fiji’s head of ICT, Craig Smith said, “this service is purely designed to give resort guests the flexibility to choose an access pass based on the timeframe they require, be it only for 30mins or as long as 7 days, but at the same time guarantee an exceptional browsing experience.”

Gortan added, “Our guests couldn’t be happier, and neither can we. High speed Wi-Fi truly makes people feel connected to home, and that’s what we want for our guests to enjoy paradise while having that connection with those they love.”



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